Our Work


Raktveer – Begin on 10th April 2016, Raktveer aimed to prevent deaths caused by lack of blood and to get 100,000 units of blood by the year 2020. Raktveer also connects blood donor to the person who received donor’s blood.

Raktveer encouraged local communities and organizations to get associated with the mission and organize blood donation camps. The ‘Raktveer’ is happy to introduce a first-of-its kind Blood Donor App that puts the power to save lives in the palm of your hand, by just pressing the thumb. Through the app, Donors can register themselves and Users can find the donor at real time, and invite others to join them on a lifesaving team. The Blood Donor App is a great new way to help meet the constant need for blood in Real time.

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Suhani Sardi Andolan

Suhani Sardi Andolan - Started on 10th October 2014, Suhani Sardi Andolan aimed to prevent deaths caused due to harsh winter and to stop wastage of unused winter clothes.

The campaign was executed in two different parts:-

1. In first part we distributed 10,000 fresh sweaters to the students of government schools situated in remote areas around Udaipur.
2. In Second part, used(good condition,washed & ioned) winter clothes are being collected from the people of Udaipur and distributed to the needy ones, more than 15,000 used winter clothes have been distributed till now.

The issue of ‘child deprived of cloths’ a human rights issue, not a welfare matter or a charitable cause. Suhani Sardi Andolan received enormous support from local residents and even administration.

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Mission MJ

UdaipurEK a group of young social workers united themselves on a platform which was created , generated only for that work known as SOCIAL WORK with only one MISSION & VISION – “ LET US GIVE SOMETHING BACK TO THE SOCIETY WHO HAS GIVEN US SOMETHING”

Mission MJ started in the month of April in which old shoes, clothes, stationary and any other item which one can give was collected at different public places and also donated by individuals at the collection centre. It was distributed among the more needy , poor people of Rural belt of Udaipur and surroundings with great enthusiasm.

We are not in it for the INCOME... We are in it for the OUTCOME


We talk about Women Empowerment , comparison between MEN & WOMEN , but in heart we also know that What a Women can do for us individually , for our families , Societies no one else can do.

INDIAN WOMEN – The word automatically represent a image of a women who has always sacrifices her desires, chances and everything for the family.. “ EK BHARTIYA NAARI --- TYAG AUR BALIDAAN KI MURAT HOTI HAI “

“ SHAKTI “ – gives us a chance to express respect, love and admiration for the women who have created a self respect and made the family , society and city proud with their work which was self intentional and got recognition of the importance of women workers and their economic, political and social achievements. It has grown to include all women, everywhere, who make a difference to their families, communities, cultures and nations.

We feel proud of felicitating such IDIOLS through which there is lot to learn.. NAARI SHAKTI KO PRANAM..

Women are at the root of society, holding it together. Women are the thread that runs through the fabric of society. Acting as one, they will change the world. They are the real ARCHITECT of the society.


Planting a tree is a symbol of a looking-forward kind of action; looking forward, yet not too distantly." 

We can live without Food for some days , without Water for some Hours, Without of Near and Dear ones for some time and also sometimes whole life... BUT CAN ANY LIVING BEING LIVE WITHOUT OXYGEN ? ANSWER WOULD BE NO.. Neither an small ANT can live without OXYGEN nor a big ELEPHANT can live without OXYGEN.. so as WE ALL HUMAN BEINGS

A famous SAYING WE HAVE READ AT EARLY SCHOOL TIME “ TREES ABSORB CARBON DIOXIDE and release OXYGEN.. How beautifully GOD has crafted the nature.. the CO2 that Human being also releases is absorbed by Trees and in that trees release Oxygen with which every living organism in this WORLD survives.

“ VRIKSHAM” is that project of UdaipurEK in which we are projecting to plant trees at every destination and required places which will not only make UDAIPUR CITY a GREEN ENVIRONMENTAL CITY, but will also help Udaipurites a Healthy and prosperous life.. JOIN HANDS WITH US... “ Plant a Tree ... Nurture it like your own baby and see what your baby gives you... It will always give you LIFE

Platinum Dandiya-5

10 Days of Cheerfulness at 10 Special places.  

Platinum Dandiya-5 was established with a motto of “Give pleasant Smile to others”. We performed dandiya in the honor and divine spirit of ‘Goddess Durga’s festival as well as for those underprivileged people and who have faced some tragic and heartbreaking incident in life.

We aimed to give smile and happiness specially to those people, who regrettably could not celebrate Garba-Dandiya because of the agony of tragic past or limitation of resources.

Platinum Dandiya-5 gave happiness in the form of Garba-Dandiya and provided all resources related to Dandiya, so that these unfortunate souls can enjoy at least for one day and overlook all the sorrows of their lives. Due to the living arrangements and strict policies which would not allow them to leave the premises, most of them could not enjoy the fun filled activity. So, we at Platinum Dandiya-5 brought Garba-Dandiya to them.

We tried to bring joy and bliss beyond the rules, resources, poverty, untouchability, mental illness, the hurt inflicted by their own children, or ache of being an orphan. With the help of Platinum Dandiya-5 they were able to forget their misery and at least enjoyed for one day .Our team can never forget the pleasant internal smile which was on full display with celebratory festivities at their current home while playing Garba –Dandiya. That smile was the greatest satisfaction of all which couldn’t be expressed in words.

DAY – 1 : With Tribals At Gogunda

DAY – 2 : Deaf & Dumb School

DAY – 3 : With Blind School

DAY – 4 : In Old Age Home

DAY – 5 : With Women Staying at Shelter Home

DAY – 6 : With Disabled Innocent People

DAY – 7 : With Underprivileged Children

DAY – 8 : With Orphan Girls

DAY – 9 : With Orphan Boys

DAY – 10 : At Govt. Tribal Girls Hostel