About Us

UdaipurEk (Ek in Hindi means ONE) reflects Unity and Integrity. UdaipurEk is a mission to amalgamate people who dedicated their life working selflessly for the society. Be it education, health, environment, career or animal welfare, these altruistic and noble men and women worked with utmost dedication facing all odds and obstacles to bring smile on other’s face.
In simpler words, Udaipurek is an innovative step towards voluntarism and social work. We are group of people with diverse professions and age but we have a single aim – Selfless aid to society.

How we work?

Udaipurek divided its members in three categories i.e. Mahaveer, Shoorveer and Ranveer. The first one for the leaders and mentor of respected social works, second one for established volunteers while the last one for young and new volunteers. Any new volunteer can get close assistance with the senior most members as his/her Mentor and receive effective guidance to obtain its goal. Udaipurek does not provide and ask for financial help of any kind!

Why Udaipurek?

We believe in Unity and we opted for a single aim. The only thing left is assistance and guidance on a single platform, Udaipurek is founded as a large umbrella to give shadow to all volunteers, or say it a big stage to give space for every social workers and people who want to do good work with noble thoughts.