Welcome to UdaipurEk

Udaipurek is a revolution; it is made as a platform for young social workers, individuals or organizations to unite and rise together with support of each other without any cultural or religious differences. Especially the young generation who wanted to indulge in social works but often faces problems due to lack of support and guidance.

We cannot make impractical promises to change the world; hence we’d taken the task of making Udaipur as India’s best city in all ways. So, without any financial transaction and with 100% transparency, our group is working for social upliftment of Udaipur.

Our vision is to make voluntarism and social work instilled in each and every person who is capable of helping the deprived and needy. Our aim is to prevent any death caused due to harsh winter, our aim is to prevent death caused due to lack of blood. Our aim is to save environment, our aim is to start the wave of selfless social work, without any money or fame involved in it.

Udaipurek is a legend which will continue till the existence of humanity on this earth. Udaipurek’s vision and mission will be passed through generation to generations.

How we work?

Udaipurek divided its members in three categories i.e. Mahaveer, Shoorveer and Ranveer. The first one for the leaders and mentor of respected social works, second one for established volunteers while the last one for young and new volunteers.

Why Udaipurek?

We believe in Unity and we opted for a single aim. The only thing left is assistance and guidance on a single platform, Udaipurek is founded as a large umbrella to give shadow to all volunteers, or say it a big stage to give space for social workers.